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Client: Rebecca White 

"I have been looking for such solution for a long time. I'd like several programs to run as service and your Application as Service does exactly what I need, thanks for help!"

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run application as windows service

Launch Program as Windows Service

With Application as a Service you can easily run a program as service at your Windows PC, benefitting from native Windows services technology, without any necessity to modify your application.

Application as Windows Service offers such beneficial solutions as very low CPU usage, monitoring applications, detailed logs, etc. Not only Programm as Service features a user-friendly and intuitive interface, but it can also be easily configured either from GUI or from command line.

serial port monitor

With an Application as a Service you can:

Increase the application uptime

With Application as a Service your application can be restarted automatically in case of the crash or power cut. As a result the uptime of this software increases. Additionally you can monitor the status of your application and schedule its launch time.

run application as windows service

Control the services locally or remotely

Launch and control the applications running as services on any PC from your own without the necessity of installing Application as Service software on them.

program to service

Gain various launching possibilities

With App as Service you can launch programs running as services either manually or automatically; launch some programs under specific user accounts only; launch the program as service even prior to user logon, etc.

run as service

Launch applications as services interactively or silently

Application can be run as service interactively (visible to users) or silently. Both, interactively and silently run services can be launched under user accounts. You can also choose user session (including RDP) in which interactive service should be started.

If you need an application to work as a Windows service, Application as Service by Eltima Software gladly offers you a number of advantages:
  • Launch program as a Windows service (32-bit and 64-bit applications are fully supported on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista);
  • Launch program on system startup, i.e. prior to user logon (useful for keyloggers, surveillance utilities, etc.), or even start the service in absence of any user session at all;
  • Launch the service after the network is fully initialized;
  • Launch it on specific date or time (useful for backup utilities, reminders, etc.);
  • Run the application locally or on a remote computer (over the Internet or LAN) and fully control its execution without the necessity of installing Application as Service on remote computers;
  • Have the service automatically restarted in case of a crash or after a power cut (can be important for client/server utilities, database applications, etc.);
  • Launch the application only after specific Windows services (e.g., on which it is dependent), or start other applications before or after its launch;
  • Run the service with specified user rights and priority;
  • Minimize the service downtime by having the execution errors recorded to the Event Log and by restarting it automatically in case of malfunctioning;
  • Use standard automatic input/output redirection to files;
  • Run multiple processes in the same service scope.
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